Thank You ‘Pearson Education’ Family

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Struggles are on everybody involved, but there’s assist to those that are adamant about discovering the assistance their individual child needs. Perhaps essentially the most telling truth of the success of the GMMB-Fordham Institute-DoEd manufactured consent for the disruption and destruction of public colleges is the virtual absence from major national print, digital, and cable public discourse of any discussion of what can only be called the Corvair-Edsel of the Education Industry complicated: Pearson Education.

The try to impose a company sponsored standard evaluation on pre-service teachers is another instance of the corporatization of public education and the surveillance, silencing and demands for obedience that accompany it. Following our report of March 24, Mike Winerip ran an article that introduced the scholars’ resistance to readers of the New York Times.

Since launching two first-year college math programs – College Mathematics and College Algebra – plus a self-paced Math Readiness with Arizona State University on the CES Higher Ed Tech Summit last yr, Knewton has partnered with some of the largest training institutions in the US, including The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Penn State University (PSU), Mount St. Mary’s University, and Washington State University (WSU).

As we’ve shared on our blog, the response has been nothing in need of astonishing as lecturers, instructor educators, mother and father, students and neighborhood members from throughout the country contacted education radio producer Barbara Madeloni and the scholars to talk their help and share their own stories of the destructiveness of Pearson and issues with the Teacher Performance Assessment.