Completing a post-grad degree while working part- or even full-time takes a lot of commitment and drive but is well worth the results. If you earn your MBA, for example, you’ll be in a better position to request a raise or promotion or to seek a higher-paying job at another company. MBAs are a must for anyone seeking a management position. However, if you’re busy with your job, it can be difficult to come up with a workable schedule for completing your coursework. Fortunately, online courses are flexible for the busy professional.

Early Morning

Visit and enroll in an MBA online degree program or another program that’s ideal for you. Because the coursework and lectures are deadline-based and completely flexible, you won’t have to clear room in your weekly calendar at a certain time every evening. In fact, if you’re a morning person, you might find that setting your alarm an hour or two earlier and completing the work before you leave for your job is ideal. You have a burst of energy as you work on coursework and then afterward you can focus on your job, family and other tasks throughout the day.

Late at Night

Conversely, if you’re a night owl, it might be worth forgoing an hour or two of sleep by staying up late to complete your work – especially if you have young children, as it might be best to wait until they’ve gone to bed so you can devote yourself to your education entirely. Give up watching as much TV or pursuing another hobby as often if you don’t feel you have the time or you don’t want to stay up quite as late. Find a quiet room or head to a café open late to change your environment and better focus on the task at hand.


It’s completely possible to do most or all of your online coursework during the weekends only so you can focus on your job alone during the week. This is ideal if you have weekends off; devote a full eight-hour workday twice a week to your coursework and you’re set. If you want to get a head start during the week, do some coursework during your lunch hours.

Ask a representative at the college offering your online courses for more tips on balancing work, life and school. An accelerated two-year program is best for people looking for immediate advancement, but there’s the possibility of taking fewer courses per semester as well if you find you can’t fit it all in. However, with the right motivation and drive, you’ll find even a two-year course manageable.